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Máté Fülöp

Psychologist, in-training family therapist

As an individual

I believe the meaning of life is love. To love whatever one does, to turn to oneself and approach others with love. I love to do sports like running and cycling, it helps me to relax my body and to clear my mind. I love being in the nature, regardless of the season, and I love spending time with my family and friends.

I believe that a relationship gives us the opportunity to look after the wellbeing and personal growth of our significant other. In a good relationship the constant float of energy recharges us so we can endure the everyday challenges.

There are so many things that can go wrong, so many factors, that we do not have affect on – the other‘s feelings and desires or the general circumstances. What we always have an influence on is ourselves. I am grateful for my self-awareness journey in so many ways. I truly believe the hardest part is to get to know and to exceed ourselves.

As a professional

I’ve graduated at Károli Gáspár university as a Psychologist. In the university I was a peer counsel volunteer and I did crisis intervention at Sziget Fesztivál

I have acquired the technique of Focusing during my academic years. This technique helps to connect with the sensations of our body and our feelings. Consciously we can only sense a small slice of the world around us, but through body sensations we can detect a much larger part. Focusing is an accepting, non-judgmental attention inwards that helps us to reconnect with our own body’s wisdom.

I’ve chosen family therapy for further studies, because I can fully identify with the image of the human in this approach. In family therapy we think and work in a system – as we live our everyday lives in a system, plus the change is more persistent if it happens on a systematic level. I think it is nice that in family therapy the focus is not on any kind of dysfunction or defect, but on the strengths and on the things that work well.

Máté Fülöp
In training Family Therapist

Fülöp Máté